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Momentum Clinton-Preval

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The news may seem trivial at first sight. Wyclef Jean and the Timberland brand shoes have united to campaign against deforestation in Haiti ..
Through this collaboration a collection of shoes which are made from organic and recycled materials, will be available from November. T-shirts designed by young Haitians are sold in Timberland Wyclef concerts as well as shirts and hats made from organic materials. A portion of profits from the sale go to the Foundation Yéle Wyclef.
Do not expect that millions are collected from this initiative. Yet a few months ago, even this association we would be denied. We were on the list of "bad disaster." Cases lost. Recently, the tide is turning. Really. People flocked to our bedside. The good news replace the bad. Is the momentum Clinton.
Everything begins with the return of Democrats to the White House and the appointment of Hilary Clinton as secretary of state. This shift in the internal politics of the USA could be the signal for the resumption of the battle for the recapture of Haiti by local interest groups and the U.S.. This does not seem to be the case .. The alternation in the USA offers something for once, that the fighting Republicans vs. Democrats. Even the Black Caucus gives us aside.
A Clinton in the corridors of the White House often hides another and is the president who was so invested in the early 90s in the return of democracy in Haiti is rightfully ours through a mission Special Envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations, at the head of the Haitian economy.

After the return of democracy, Bill Clinton is proposing a return to economic growth as the main dish.
The UN and its troops are still there, as there almost fifteen years, and the actors have changed little. Except that this time the President is a quiet clever: René Préval.
Rarely in the history of Haiti will have distributed a president as many carrots to his former enemies and too few shots at his opponents ... René Préval, three years after he entered the helm of affairs, continues to apply a series of measures that allows it to have the peace of the streets, returning to the peace of mind for Haitians and for the first time since years, announcing the arrival of investors.
One can appreciate or annoy them, but René Préval to maneuver is an elegance, a patience, tact, a cynical and efficiency without a name. That momentum Preval.
The Lavalas are assured, even if they are not met, employers are recognizing, even if he asks how long will last the honeymoon and the opposition is happy to still believe in the opposition.
Riots, hurricanes and government inaction are forgotten episodes. Preval manages. At his pace, he accumulated successes. And regulate the ticking of his estate.
Canceling Haiti's debt is obtained at a price we do not know but we pay without complaining.
Officials no longer the 14th month, our electric bill doubles, reports on funds spent in the emergency are delayed, millions are swallowed up in acquisitions that we do not yet see the results, it 's worried person.
The peace of Preval, who made the stop kidnappings and banditry, is savored by everyone.
The minimum wage is denied to workers in outsourcing and granted to all others, no social measure is taken for the poor, everyone feels that while idling, nobody is really worried about it .
So many months of stability is rare. The interlude of the fall of Alexis and the frantic search for a prime minister are far behind us.
In this context it must put the sequence of news we fall over recent days.
Clinton, OAS, IDB, Brazilians take us to potential investors and investments safe. The United States is proactive. The France sends his foreign minister. Finance Corporation
international (IFC) and the Consulting Services Group of Bank
World Climate Investment announced the establishment of a joint project with the government and the private sector to improve the
Working and special economic zones to attract new
investments. 9500 jobs and 30 million dollars of investment are in the crosshairs.
In tourism, friendly countries, one after the other lift travel bans in Haiti or relax the warnings. Airlines jostle in our sky. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and its local partners complement an investment of more than 50 million dollars to build Labadee a wharf and other facilities. The project Mache USAID will save the package for tourism in the North. It speaks of a new road to link drilling Labadee in the Citadel.
The wonder that we left the King Henri Christophe receive a visit from Bill Clinton has found time in his short journey of two days here this week to cram this pilgrimage. Is this a sign? Oh! Yes. Everything Clinton visit is blessed by the gods. The Citadel and he will also visit Labadee are certainly included in a larger project on tourism.
It is the breath that Clinton sale.
Outsourcing has already benefited from the fallout of Clinton's visit a factory in the Industrial Park during his last visit. Let us not he returns with investors? The Brazilians were only benefit from their leadership to head the UN mission in Haiti have not they also took the train by sending us for the first time since they are here for potential investors ? This makes less noise than the arrival of the squad, but a gesture far more significant and promising. No offense to lovers of football. President Préval's putting all his weight into the balance to drink his law on the minimum wage in the Chamber of Deputies. Some see the effect of Clinton's promises to bring us tens of thousands of jobs in the area of outsourcing.
Fortunately the Clinton's effectiveness arises. The promises of the early days materialize slowly. With the arrival of investors, it is hoped that the unemployed will receive the reward of a job for lack of workers getting a raise.

Another place visited by Clinton and who has been the object of all eyes: the project of sorting of Carrefour Feuilles. Last July, Clinton has been there and that the project selected in the final four to compete for international prizes.
The proposed "solid waste collection in Carrefour Feuilles" (south-east of Port-au-Prince) is among 12 finalists in an international competition called "World Challenge", announced a wire service.
"Love'N Haiti, under the project funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to the tune of 2, 314.332 U.S. dollars, is often presented as alternatives to the use of charcoal on the national territory. With waste recycled, this project allows for briquetting of paper used for cooking.
The objective of this project, funded through a South-South cooperation by the Fund India, Brazil, South Africa (IBSA) is to contribute to the consolidation of the fight against violence in Carrefour Feuilles, a neighborhoods deemed fragile.
In its issue of September 28, 2009, the Miami Herald, drew attention to the competition of the "World Challenge 2009, sponsored by the multinational company Shell, the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC / World and Newsweek magazine.
In several forums on the Internet, Haitian and foreign surfers do not cease to initiate calls to "vote for Haiti" by clicking on ... Up and mail in mail, many compatriots who suggest to their friends to vote. As a recovered pride, appointments successive projects, artists and prominent Haitians call us on the map of dignity regained. Until better.

If the last time, the special envoy of the UN had come with the Secretary General of the institution that once the president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Luis Alberto Moreno, happens. In his suitcases, Clinton has a hundred businessmen Brazilian, Argentinian, Canadian, American, Latin American and the Haitian diaspora in the United States who will attend the two-day conference at the Karibe Convention Center from this October 1. The Head of State, René Préval and Prime Minister Michele Duvivier Pierre-Louis will occur.

The mission members will participate in joint sessions (match making) with more than 100 Haitian and visit industrial parks and industrial development projects near Port-au-Prince. Participants also attend workshops on three economic activities where Haiti offers significant opportunities, including: apparel, agro-industries and sustainable energy, Radio Metropole reported.

Before returning to Haiti, Bill Clinton had attended the 13th Conference of the Americas where he had held talks with investors to convince them to take action for our country.
Tuesday evening Bitmore hotel, the special envoy of Secretary General Kofi Annan on Haiti said the country was, for the first time in several decades, well placed to break the "vicious circle of poverty" in which he is shut up, reports EFE.
Speaking at the Americas Conference, which brings together various heads of state and government of the region, former President of the United States has identified several positive factors, he said, this potential transformation: political leadership willing to create a modern state, using the international community, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the Haitian diaspora.
Before the participants in this annual forum organized at the initiative of the Miami Herald, the World Bank and the International University of Florida (FIU), Mr. Clinton has presented what he calls his "progress report" two days before his arrival Thursday in Port-au-Prince to lead a large international trade mission.
Before explaining in detail its various initiatives to give impetus to the development of Haiti, the former head of the White House has voted in favor of granting the temporary protected status (TPS) to the 30,000 illegal Haitians threatened to be deported from the United States.
"I am pushing very strongly for there to be a GST and I know that Secretary of State (editor's note, his wife Hillary Clinton) also goes in that direction," said Bill Clinton ..
But he warned that this is a sensitive issue deserves to be carefully studied before it can be implemented, because President Barack Obama and his administration MSW currently on important issues such as reform of 'Medicare, Afghanistan and climate change, took over Radio Kiskeya.
Clinton is on all fronts. He fought for us and for him. In this country where he spent his honeymoon and that under his presidency has gone wrong after the mission Restore Hope. This time, in front, he has a partner who plays the game Préval was voted the national budget before October 1, was assured of a comfortable majority in both houses, introduced the constitutional review smooth, provides security, social peace and introduced a new package of laws, including several in an economic role in the reconvening of the National Assembly.
Many, after numerous disappointments, are skeptical that international cooperation can provide solutions to our problems. Others want to try their luck as usual to pull the chestnuts out of fire and fatten the fruit of hope without issuing more than necessary.
This new venture with international investment must, should, however, will live and prosper in a different perspective: do business, good business, both sides the benefit of many.
Otherwise, it would squander the assets of the momentum Clinton-Preval.
Squander the peace dividend so dearly built after more than ten years of heartbreak, trampling and perspective.
The momentum is fragile. Investors will go to the first alarm. In the first movement to control or restrict their use. The first bad law on the rent as it projects itself or as was the case recently on telecommunications, they will chip in his ear that we are not ready to play the game as they expect.
Momentum Clinton Préval is also ca: our entry into the global market. Let us seek to control and customs.

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