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Haiti: The confidence comes back, picture changes

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Bill Clinton is a casual, friendly, calm and confident in the economic future of Haiti who has visited the city on Friday in the northern part of the visit to explore business opportunities in the region. The enthusiasm and hospitality came together on the Haitian side for whom this visit is like a breath of fresh air.

"Justice will be restored to Haiti. The hope is reborn. Haiti is no longer a country to avoid 'the idea that comes to mind for anyone following the exploratory visit of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Special Envoy of the Secretary-General United Nations in Haiti, which closed this Friday, October 2 a journey of less than forty eight hours in Haiti.

Accompanied by businessmen, officials from the Government, Tourism Minister Patrick Delatour, and the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Hedi Annabi, the former agent of the White House 's is made today in the north where he explored investment opportunities in the tourism sector.

The delegation

Potential investors Rolando Bounster, Kimberly Green and Gustavo Mitsoulitzi and Paul Farmer, Assistant to Mr. Clinton, are, among others, members of the delegation that accompanied the special envoy of Secretary General of the United Nations in the Northern country.

The interface Haitian Mr. Clinton, the architect Lesly Voltaire, Senator North Kely C. Bastien, president of the Northern branch of the Tourist Association of Haiti (ATH), Jean-Bernard Simonet, and members of civil society Capoise accompanied the former American president in this campaign to burnish Haiti's image internationally.

After visiting the historic National Park of Milot, the delegation was airlifted to the seaside resort of Labadie, who through the Royal Caribbean Line, receives annually about one million cruise passengers. On 2 December, this international company is to inaugurate Labadie (Labadee in English) a new platform which should allow the Oasis, the largest ship in the world with a capacity of over seven thousand passengers, to land on site . Construction of the road section linking Labadie Acul North, funded by USAID for $ 8,000,000 U.S. dollars, is also in prospect. This road will allow visitors and cruise passengers to visit the Historical National Park via Milot Labadie.

Anthousiasme, hope and optimism

Commenting on the visit by Mr. Clinton in Haiti, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General Kofi Annan said it is an important moment for Haiti, "when we see the number of investors who had assembled ( yesterday) at the Karibe Convention Center, which was not conceivable there are one or two years ago.

Indeed, more than one hundred businessmen were part of the Clinton delegation. They met Thursday in Port-au-Prince to discuss business opportunities in Haiti. "The number of participants at this meeting shows that confidence is restored in Haiti, the image of Haiti is changing, Hedi Annabi welcomed. I am hopeful that discussions will lead to job-creating investments. Jobs that are essential for using internnationale development, even if it is necessary and useful, can not lead a country to sustainable development. "

The Special Representative of the Secretary General of UN Mr. Clinton took the opportunity to insist recalling that "only those jobs and the economy may put the country on the path of sustainable development."

Chaining in the same direction, the interface Haitian government of Mr. Clinton, the architect Lesly Voltaire, said that a picture of President Clinton visiting the Palace of Sans Souci is worth millions because it shows the opportunities it are in the tourism sector in Haiti.

Tourism growth area for development

Regarding the criticism of a possible shortage of projects on the Haitian side, Mr. Voltaire has ensured that there are "projects" bankable "features". He also welcomed Voltaire also the realization of future road construction Acul-du-Nord/Milot because, he says, "The idea is to allow visitors to Labadie, who are nearly one million each year to visit the Historical National Park Milot, where the throne Citadelle Henri, seen by Haitians as a wonder.

The Tourism Minister Patrick Delatour, in a recall, said that "the Government believes that tourism is a growth area for development, ensuring that" efforts will continue in this direction. "

In the same vein, the president of the Northern branch of HUD, Jean-Bernard Simonet, like other northerners, did not hide his satisfaction at the visit of Mr. Clinton in the proud city christophienne. "I am sure he said that the visit of Mr. Clinton marked the start of a new development plan for Haiti. This plan will materialize because Mr. Clinton would not have been involved in a project that would result in failure.

Survival Entrepreneurship

For the businessman, "the great difficulty for the business sector will be to switch from survival to that of entrepreneurship. To do this, in the North, particularly in Cape Haitien, should improve the administrative and economic. "

A report that the visit of the delegation led by former President Bill Clinton in the North comes 24 hours after a large gathering of foreign investors in Haiti. Indeed, over one hundred investors potentially interested in Haiti were in the bag for Clinton.

The visit has generated much hope in the midst of Haiti. The President of the Republic, René Préval, in a message read at the close of this meeting which is fully published by Le Nouvel took the enlistment to provide the private business sector "a physical environment conducive to the creation of 'businesses and their operations.

In this message, the head of state has solemnly declared that "Haiti opens its doors for business" and that the presence of these businessmen visiting "in number so important, is the result of progress made by our countries in improving governance and business climate. "

Source: Lenouvelliste
Roberson Alphonse
and Samuel BAUCICAUT

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