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Irrigation, more than a necessity for Haiti

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Farmers, landlords and regulators met for two days in a forum on the theme "Development and optimization of irrigation schemes: Elements of policy and strategy for sustainable improvement of national agricultural production. They intend to indicate the way forward to bring a final irrigation agriculture in Haiti.

"Currently, the irrigable area in Haiti is estimated at 150 000 hectares but only 90 000 would be constructed and 80 000 irrigated by means of 250 irrigation systems. Yet the potential expansion would amount to 400 000 hectares through the use of modern techniques such as spraying, the drip-drop and the construction of dams, according to a document not yet official Department of the Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development.

To control the water we need to build dams, wells, dams of, tanks individual, family and group of impluviums, thresholds in ravines ... Each type of infrastructure has its place in the irrigation system of the country. Different techniques are screened by experts and farmers during the two days, 8 and October 9, 2009, in Montrouis, during a forum on the theme "Development and optimization of irrigation schemes: Elements of policy and strategy sustainable improvement of national agricultural production.

"By 2050, the world will face major challenges, such as feeding 3.6 billion extra mouths. We must work to increase food supply in the world and particularly in Haiti, has provided the Minister of Agriculture, Joanas Gue, aware that with this increase in population, we must increase by 70% availability food in the world. Wishful thinking without action in size in the weak Haitian irrigation system.

Joanas Ford speaking at the opening forum at Hotel Le Xaragua hopes that the recommendations that come out of these debates will help to improve interventions in irrigation and provide some level of food security in a sustainable manner in the country which imports about 58% of products entering the diet.

"The virulence of the latest weather responsible for the almost total destruction of productive infrastructure of the country requires the Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (MARNDR) to focus strongly on securing irrigation systems, For its part, said Secretary of State for Plant Production, Jean-Claude Delice. He said that irrigation projects are designed using a holistic approach so that they take into account the mountains and plains of Haiti.

Secretary of State for crop production indicates IDENTIFICATION actions during these meetings will help secure the investments made recently in the irrigated plains considered strategic in the immediate and safe recovery of the national agricultural production. With an environmental component which will put emphasis on watershed management for the water control.

The area irrigated or capable of being irrigated represent about 50% of lands are plains areas with high agricultural potential. The rest is in the hills with growing conditions much more difficult. Difficult to get around the mountain puisqu'Haïti is a mountainous country up to 75% of its territory.

The Haitians are irrigated mainly fed by water from springs and rivers (catchment by derivation), and very few systems have been equipped with pumping. The recovery of rain water is scarce. The surface irrigation is the norm in almost all systems that do not exceed 2 000 hectares (unit).

The management of irrigation systems are mainly summaries of the law in September 1952 and the Rural Code of 1962. These laws stipulate that water is state property and established a monitoring and control of the person on the management systems as well as infrastructure construction.

Source: The Nouvelliste

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