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Haiti: Killed like cockroaches!

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The Haitian-Dominican relations were shaken by new serial killings of Haitians in the neighboring land. Like insects, five Haitians were killed including four burned alive unless authorities can determine the motive for the killings.

"Even when he was still a nail tip of my son, I would like to collect for burial with dignity," coward, a voice broke, Jemen Saint-Fleur, mother Benel Desileux, 23, murdered Tuesday and burned alive with three other companions Haitian Boca Cachon, a town in the Haitian-Dominican border. These four Haitians were killed while working in the field of a named Luke, a Dominican farmer.

The sagging face and dejected, Jemen, must endure the blow which threw both on a hospital bed with her husband Barahona, Mésilus Besile with a bullet in the back. "He was hit by a bullet to the spine," she said. Some tell me it is serious, while others argue the opposite. "The pain is even more poignant for Jemen when one of his relatives spit in his face a shot in the back can paralyze life for her husband.

"I will not let myself panic. I look at life in the face, "said Jémème. Accompanied by the pastor of his church, bless Formétus, a member of the Board of Directors of the communal section of Fonds-Parisien and relatives, the wife of Mésilus, met in the court of Deputy Commissioner of Malpasse, still believes in life of the father of her six other children. "The God I pray I will make," she said. Because I do not deserve this fate. "

Benelli, Bénistil, Jolius and Dieumérite were senselessly slain by unidentified gunmen in a field where they made charcoal. The victims' bodies were then thrown into a coal mine which was still burning. Benel's father who accompanied them, meanwhile, was seriously injured. Discovered by the Dominican police, the victim was lucky to be admitted to a hospital in neighboring land. "I can not trust them, spits Jemen. For each day that passes, the Dominicans committing crimes more heinous. Another compatriot, identified with the name of Tony Charlys was beheaded by unidentified gunmen in the municipality of Mao, always in the Dominican Republic.

Hebert, the survivor

"We were 18 in the field, says Hebert Desileux, a cousin of Benelli. But we worked in groups of six. A suspicious noise attracted the attention of the young man who took on the field his legs to his neck. "I ran without knowing why," said Hebert, a breathless tone, as if he ran again.

Hebert, a young worker in the fields, their gods swear never to set foot on Dominican soil despite its proximity to the neighboring Republic of Haiti. "It was finally proved they are wild," says the survivor of Tuesday, October 20, which repeats as a mantra, its prowess that little has avoided the same fate as his other companions.

Meanwhile, the Dominican authorities, through a commission of investigation, are preparing to gather information relating to these crimes at the border. According to Commissioner Vanel Lacroix, Head of Sub-Commission Malpasse, Dominican officials were preparing to collect the bodies of victims burned beyond for meetings autopsy.

As for the Haitian authorities, no sign of life is still given to the border. A situation that led a twenty inhabitants of Nan Site, a city of Fond Parisien, to block the international road causing total paralysis of the market Binational Jimani who works on Mondays and Thursdays. "We should not be victims of xenophobia Dominican, while we refer to their market of millions of dollars," irritated Dérissaint Roman, president of the Association of transporters and workers Malpasse. This association, together with several other local union structures, has already announced a strike until further notice to the Haitian-Dominican border to force the Haitian leaders to decide on the fate of compatriots in this corner of the territory.

Enumerating, a long list of names of Haitian victims of brutality Dominican Suzette Balan, Coordinator of Human Rights Without Borders, condemned the irresponsibility of the Haitian authorities vis-à-vis the Haitians in the neighboring land. "We thought we had representatives in the Dominican Republic, deplores does. Unfortunately, it seems that our diplomacy will remain moribund and over again. "

Source: Lenouvelliste
Translation: Levanjiltv

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