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Ms. Pierre-Louis hanging by a thread?

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Prime Minister Michele D. Pierre-Louis was arrested by the Senate of the Republic. Six senators Lespwa allies and obedient to President Préval, in what is said, finger and eye, look him lice because of lack of effectiveness of his government and unsatisfactory explanations on the use of 197 million dollars of emergency fund. The longtime friend of President Préval is she, as one might think, on an ejection seat?

The question is timely. All the six senators Lespwa platform covered with René Préval in power, announcing the arrest of Prime Minister Michele Duvivier Pierre-Louis, Thursday, October 29, 2009. Officially, these elected officials and their allies complain that the general body to Ms. Pierre-Louis, however, singer of "results culture", the lack of effectiveness of his government and explain a little more satisfying than the "simple picture story" submitted to the Chamber of Deputies, the use of $ 197 million disbursed to emergencies in the wake of four devastating hurricanes that hit the country in 2008.

"The government has chosen to make public the report of the use of 197 million U.S. dollars a day before the end of the last regular session of the 48th Legislature in order to prevent the elected representatives to exercise their power control of the executive, had inflamed the member of Cap-Haitien, Eddie Jean-Pierre, adding that in his constituency nothing was done. If he had spoken Cape wasting his colleague Estère Christmas Eliphète, referred to a rip-off. "This is robbery. I put in challenging the Minister of Public Works to prove that there are jobs that have been made in my constituency through the use of 197 million dollars, "he said.

The report alleged, improperly assembled, incomplete, non-transparent, did not disclose the total amount committed, had identified some financial analysts in the press. Meanwhile, several weeks after the filing of this report to the House of Deputies, the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes, revealed an adviser, had not yet received this document under the Budget Act and public accounting.

The context of the inquiry

The Prime Minister, an economist by training, is the target of virulent attacks because of the management of these funds at a time when the head of state, his longtime friend, woo CASEC and activists of certain parties as Fanmi Lavalas, OPL, Fusion to be part of a new political platform. "Go around the world preaching the good news. Whoever believes will be saved and those who do not believe will be condemned, was launched Tuesday, October 20, 2009, some 570 coordinators CASEC ranch in Croix-des-Bouquets. I am Lavalas while not part of Lavalas. I am neither a member of the Fusion of Social Democrats, or a member of the OPL. I am part of this movement that will shortly take shape with all the people of Haiti, had launched the President René Préval.

According to sources close to these parties, emissaries of the head of state offered the activists of these parties positions of delegates and vice-delegates in exchange for their allegiance to the political platform under construction.

On the other hand, the spectrum of a reference plane on Ms. Pierre-Louis while, behind the scenes, there's talk of skirmishes, far from being harmless, providing information on the real sense of the President for his prime minister. The president had even complained at a meeting with members of the Security Council in March 2009, not having the constitutional power to dismiss a Prime Minister that he has chosen. And Ms. Pierre-Louis to meet "President you can reach the resignation of the government through parliamentary close to you, as they begin to do so."

However, in the wake of good marks to the administration Préval / Pierre-Louis by the Ambassador of the United States, Kenneth Merten H, and other representatives of the international community, particularly in a climate of security and political stability to attract foreign direct investment, some political analysts who requested anonymity say they do not understand the essence and motivation of a dismissal of the government while the parliament is virtually inoperative with the departure second Monday of January of the 48th Legislature.

"The only certainty, said one of them is that the Senate questioners, Wencesclass Lambert, Jean Hector Anacacis John Joel Joseph and Moise Jean-Charles de Lespwa, not ripped their shoes without the endorsement of President René Préval . 'What, continues he refers to the hypothesis of a temptation of the Head of State to lead the country alone by decree. The dynamics of personal power denounced by the party convention, says he.

The government led by Michele D. Pierre-Louis is established, with few exceptions, ministers including Daniel Dorsainvil, Jean Max Bellerive, who is part of the team of Jacques-Edouard Alexis, the coordinator who has more Lespwa, presumably, good through human Marmelade.

This government replastered vilified today, the current Minister for Women and the Rights of Women, Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue, had revealed secrets crispy. Jacques-Édouard Alexis was not really in control and there have been few cabinet meetings where we discussed vision and public policy in favor of citizens and citizens.

Jacques-Édouard Alexis was the brunt of failure found at the limit and maintained by President René Préval announced that have made the transition from "dodo dodo meya to jame. Meanwhile, while the environmental vulnerability is increasing due mainly from the lack of an effective energy policy, a policy planning, time low blow coming.

Michèle Duvivier Pierre-Louis is on an ejection seat. It is understood that many in this country led by a president smart, dedicated, for some. And for other magician. How will finish this new episode? An affront to those who stole to help his friend or a dismissal? Take your seats! ...

Roberson Alphonse

Source: Lenouvelliste
English Translation: Levanjiltv

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