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To celebrate the Haitian-Brazilian friendship

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By Roland Leonard

Evening of intoxication and euphoria collective!
Evening hysterical and delirious joy!
Evening of happiness, enchantment and magic of great music!

We arrived on the scene an hour before the festival time to soak up the atmosphere, stroll with some fans and curious about this great court time to get acquainted with the Ambassador of Brazil tells us plenty about the meaning of 'Tira Poeira "in French (remove the dust!) on the rhythms of his country other than the" samba ", such as" Maracatu ", the" chorinho "the" Baiao. The man is simple, courteous and rider.

... You also asked about the names of musicians from Los Albertos, Haitian group. The trio finished the sound of lapping, decorating the "Sound Check" of a few flights of saxophone and keyboards, as demonstrations. It already feels that it promises. Members of 'Tira Poeira "imitate, and it recognizes the way some famous quotes as fragments of" Aquarelo do Brasil.

One patient, the wait is a bit tense until the arrival of the presenter, director of the cultural center that introduces the show.

Los Albertos "is first, doing his best to impress music lovers by Haitian and Brazilian repertoire based majority Samba Jazz. The group consists of: Augustine Michelet, tenor saxophonist and clarinetist, leader; Mackenson Joseph on keyboards; Valcin Emmanuel, guitar.

The group has four years of existence. If he learned the clarinet, Michelet Augustine has taught himself the saxophone. It has nevertheless benefited from the advice, support and friendship of Turgot Theodat. The guitarist is also a student finishing the ENARTIS. The musicians are all of humble social origin, which makes us proud as to strangle us with emotion. Loubens Beloved drummer "Badji" Theodat of their assists. The program pays tribute to Tom Jobin and Stan Getz, "Corcovado" So Danço Samba and The Jazz'N'Samba ":" Desafinado "statement in the tenor recitative, supported by the keyboard, then developed normally," One Note Samba " played the clarinet. The group took the opportunity to put us in full sight and hearing, the saxophonist was very proud and confident. We enjoyed the wonderful chorus of three players, while finding a bit long time their participation also including Haitian tunes such as "Yoyo" version "Konpa-funk with a swinging bridge," Latibonit-o "in" raborday "jazzy," The Spring scale "of Syto Cavé and Boulo Valcourt in bolero. And a personal composition of the trio in the style of "Funk-Fusion.

Then comes the turn of the Brazilian quartet formed and Henry Lentino, vocals and electric mandolin; Fabio Nin, classical guitar with seven strings, Caio Marcio, electro-acoustic guitar "Condor" Brazilian copy of "Godin" Canadian; Zangado Diego, battery and percussion. Their performance is based on "Chorinho" of "Samba" and popular "Bossa Nova": "Delicado", "Receita De Samba", "Chega de Saudade," Caminhando "," Henry ".

Lamento''''''''''Xara ve se Gostas Sambas''''''''''''Santa Morena Noites Carioca.'' No fewer than eleven tracks, not counting extras, like version for solo mandolin arrangement successful''Over the Rainbow''complete-but-somewhat redundant when the musician was even given the luxury of breaking a rope pressure force of the plectrum (pick) or splectre. There is also the surprise guest of tenor saxophonist Haitian Lully Beauséjour who superbly jammed with Brazilians on Wave, taking a proper and bold chorus. Lully Bravo! From the daring it takes.

The last part of the festival is dedicated to''group''of jazz Badji Theodat Turgot. The public may be tired and restless of late, is shrinking. Fair performance leader accompanied Loubens Beloved to the battery, Louissaint Jean-Mary said Kebyessou, drum, Smith St. Felix on bass and James on guitar Bergereau''''stratocaster.

"Diler" in''yaya-ti-kongo''and a''rhythm and blues''anonymous''or''''Letènèl Lòt bò rivyè a''salsa in Latin jazz with breaks favoring the rhythm section , a Nago-blues ... short, well-known tunes from his record. The musicians we were excited and we were pleased to find our roots Haitian sublimated by the Afro-American ...

This was the end

Haiti Viva! Viva Brasil!

Souce: Lenouvelliste
English Translation: Levanjiltv

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