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Haiti: With or without Ms. Pierre-Louis

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The meeting of the government inquiry Michele D. Pierre-Louis will indeed take place Thursday, October 29, 2009. The Senate office should meet in the afternoon of Wednesday in a letter to the Prime Minister to confirm the holding of the meeting and explain the procedures generally applied in such circumstances.

"The meeting tomorrow will take place with or without the presence of Michele D. Pierre-Louis ", says Senator John Anacacis Hector, one of seven signatories of the letter of inquiry from the government. He was responding to the letter from the Prime Minister during the day Wednesday at the office of the Senate to demand the minutes of the meeting of 22 October where it was decided to arrest his government, then the list issues will be addressed at the meeting tomorrow. Senate President, Kely C. Bastien, who confirmed receiving the letter, suggesting that any decisions have been taken to meet the head of government in the afternoon of Wednesday.

Nothing seems able to change the belief that senators questioners are tomorrow's meeting as a mere formality. The pre-recorded statement of Michele D. Pierre-Louis played earlier this week on several radio waves in the capital did not help matters. "A meeting took place after the balance sheet of the Prime Minister on the airwaves," said Joseph Lambert, who played solo at the arrest of Jacques-Edouard Alexis. His voice proved too weak to prevent the removal of the predecessor of Michele D. Pierre-Louis.

An ardent supporter of Prime Minister Michele D. Pierre-Louis during the ratification process in Parliament, Senator Joseph Lambert is now among his fiercest opponents. He even put his job at stake in expressing sympathy with reference to obstinacy of the government team for lack of results. "If Ms. Pierre-Louis remains at his post, I will resign, said the parliamentarian with conviction. Take me to the word! "18 senators," he said, have already agreed to impose a vote of no confidence in the government of Michele D. Pierre-Louis.

If the identity of senators favor the departure of Jacques-Edouard Alexis was known prior to the meeting of the inquiry of his government, this is not the case for parliamentary support to the dismissal of Pierre-Louis government. Impossible to know the exact number of senators who withdraw their confidence in the government. 23 according to John Joel Joseph, 20 by Jean Hector Anacacis cons 18 after Joseph Lambert. Certainly the Senate questioners have not wavered despite the repeated call from several sectors and individuals who see their initiative as a gateway to the destabilization of the country.

Wise as serpents, some senators are careful not to comment on the meeting of the government inquiry Pierre-Louis. From what to wear senator Andris Riche, one of the allies of Prime Minister Michele D. Pierre-Louis, to hope. "There will be a surprise tomorrow," he argued castigating the behavior of the new senators who want to get noticed by the dismissal of the government. "There will be no surprises! "Replied Joseph Lambert attesting that the hours of Michele D. Pierre-Louis are counted in the Prime.

The international community united until the Prime Minister Michele D. Pierre-Louis is in the crosshairs of senators in favor of leaving the government. "It is Parliament that must be present diplomats to support Ms. Pierre-Louis," said Joseph Lambert, who is inflexible in regard to the dismissal of the government team.

"The international community is not knowledgeable about the reality of the country," chained Jean Hector Anacacis who is glad of the interest expressed by foreign diplomats in Haiti. He, however, stressed that he was not questioning the government. "I asked the senators to give our country a chance," he confessed. As a democrat, I had to bend to the will of my colleagues. "Anacacis Senator did not say whether he planned to resign as Senator of the Republic where Michele D. Pierre-Louis would remain at his post.

Jean Jerome Perez

Source: Lenouvelliste (French)
English Translation (Levanjiltv)

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