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Creole as a factor of social cohesion

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Of all the events organized to celebrate the International Day of the Creole language, those of the National Bureau of Ethnology (BNE) were in all likelihood, the official voice of the government. Ministers, State Secretary, Deputy Director-General expressed on behalf of the Haitian state their willingness to make a real Creole factor of social cohesion and the common good of all Haitians. "It is obvious that when we use Creole, we are more honest, more credible," said Suze Mathieu, CEO of BNS. Anthropologist commended for bringing a touch, as Director General of Bureau progress that knows the language in society.

Witness, too, these advances in Creole, the Minister for the Status of Women and Women's Rights Marie Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue, gives good marks to the government, but regrets that the language is often the place of discrimination against women . "This social cohesion, recurrent in our speech will be a reality only when it is based, inter alia, a practice of gender equality," says the minister who has appropriate time to him allowed to preach the gospel of equality.

Some visitors, accustomed to the oratory of our political leaders turned their attention to an exhibition of books and articles with respect to voodoo and Catholic syncretism organized on this occasion. Successor to the speech of the Minister of sessions declamation of text, song recitals, a scrabble tournament Creole and intervention of various personalities from politics and education. From these measures the Director's College Catts Pressoir, Charles Guy Etienne and Saint-Natus couple (Michael and Clotaire) on the role of Creole in education, have received most attention of visitors by their consistency and their academic path.

The theme "Creole Language and Education" was also the center of a debate in the room where Fokal-Unesco held a conference coordinated by the Cultural Center Arak. Lemet Zephyr, a linguist and university professor, explained, with the expertise that he knows the factors blocking the education system. The absence of language policy, the hegemony of French in education are, among others, those discussed. Creole, he says, is marginalized in academic activities. But there, according to the speaker, so a close relationship between language and culture that is regarded by sociolinguists as part of the language. Prohibit the language into the schools is to reject his own culture. And when the crop is rejected, education, cut its sociocultural context, can in no way change the social reality of Haiti. The lecture by Professor Lemet Zephyr is one element in a set of activities that the center organizes cultural Araka, who will want to see, Friday, October 30, a film show and let enjoy a cultural performance Saturday, October 31.

Creole 2009

The faculty of applied linguistics at this time, brought together experts from Catholic, Protestant and voodoo around the theme "Vodou ak Ayiti krisyanis year: Evolisyon SAAN yo" (1942-present), the eleventh conference conducted around the Creole 2009, which extends until October 30

Through this conference the Reverend Father Jean Hoet, anthropologist Rachel Beauvoir and Rev. Andrew Louis have in turn raised issues including the degree of research closest to science, religion should not be an source of division but of societal harmony. They also reported on the role of religion in Haitian society, so it is a strategy to induce a process of internal development. "Does the Holy Bible is the only reference global cultural imaginary, the sole authority to judge other religions? "They were interviewed with emphasis on the role played by every religion in the advancement of society. The Reverend Pastor Andre Louis was quick to decide based on the book Deuteronomy "Christianity and voodoo does not converge. Heated debate and sometimes vigorous, but deeply marked by the sense of ideas and beliefs.

At the Faculty of Humanities conference discussions of Marie Lawrence Rodna held around the theme "Lang Kreyòl ak Rezistans listwa pep ayisyen nan 'followed by the screening of" Masters of the Dew "and cultural activities have ceased operations launched since October 15 by the "Association Inivèsitè ak Inivèsitèz Desalinyen (ASID)" to commemorate the death of Jean-Jacques Dessalines and celebrate the language and Creole culture. The public has a rendezvous with the theater on Friday 30 and Saturday, October 31 at the College de l'Etoile, and Monday 2 to Rex Theater in the context of cultural manisfestations organized by Saks (Sosyete animasyon Kominikasyon sosyal ak) to commemorate this day which coincides with its 17 year history.

Source: Lenouvelliste (French)
Translation: Levanjiltv (English)

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