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Yankees come up short in World Series Game 5

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1 Yankees come up short in World Series Game 5 on Tue Nov 03, 2009 6:21 am


PHILADELPHIA - The Yankees aren't the champs of baseball again, again and at last, because the current champs got up Monday night at Citizens Bank Park, at least to one knee. They got up and came back, came back from Johnny Damon running at them the way he did and Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada hitting them the way they did in the ninth inning of Game 4. A.J. Burnett had nothing, Cliff Lee had just enough, Chase Utley hit two more. If the Yankees are going to win No. 27, they will do it at home. They will do it at the new Stadium, Wednesday night or Thursday night. Maybe that is the way it was supposed to be, the new Stadium getting to see it all.

The Yankees made a run at them, oh, you know they did. A-Rod doubled home a couple in the eighth, making it three RBI for the night, 18 for the postseason. Robinson Cano hit a sacrifice fly and A-Rod scored and it was 8-5 Phillies. The Yankees kept coming in the ninth, two on and nobody out. But Capt. Jeter hit into a double play against Ryan Madson - Monday night's Philadelphia closer - and Mark Teixeira struck out as the potential tying run and it ended 8-6 Phillies.

Johnny Damon was on first when Teixeira struck out, Damon having worked his way back from 0-2 against Madson the way he had against Brad Lidge the night before. Damon was asked in front of his locker if he thought the Yankees were coming back again, coming all the way back in Game 5, maybe all the way to the title.

"Absolutely," he said.

Damon smiled and said, "We always battle. We never give up. There's always that chance for us."

Then he said, "Unfortunately, we got behind 8-2."

The Yankees got too far behind for once. The Phillies' new closer did the job this time. The Phillies hung on at home in Game 5 the way the Angels did that at home in the American League Championship Series. The Yankees won the pennant at home. Now they will try to win it all for the first time in nine years, give the ball to Andy Pettitte and ask him to bring them all the way home. They will ask him to do that against Chase Utley, who looks like he wants to carry the Phillies the rest of the way.

Utley has now hit five home runs in this World Series in five games, tying him with Reggie Jackson in World Series history. The first one, in the bottom of the first, two on and nobody out against A.J. Burnett, was a no-doubter to right and made it 3-1. The next one, off Phil Coke in the bottom of the seventh, looked like it wanted to go find a space station. Then Raul Ibanez hit one even harder off Coke, off the facing of the second deck, off a Chrysler sign out there that reads, "Drive 'em outta here."

Source: NYDailynews

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