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Haiti Soccer: 29 goals in two games/women

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1 Haiti Soccer: 29 goals in two games/women on Sat Nov 07, 2009 5:39 am


29 goals in two games for the selection of Haitian women's soccer U-17
Posted November 4, 2009

After his landslide victory 24 goals to 0 against the British Virgin Islands, the selection of Haitian women's soccer U-17 dominated the Bahamas by 5 goals to 0 for the 2nd game in the playoffs for the World Cup this category.

Young Haitian soccer players have filled the National Stadium Sylvio Cator for their second spacewalk in these playoffs. After winning 5 to 0 against the Bahamas on the evening of November 4th, Haiti needs only a draw against the Cayman Islands to reach the second round of the playoffs. Players of the Cayman Islands have 6 points as the Haitian after easily dominated the British Virgin Islands.

The image of the Sylvio Cator stadium packed dates back to 2004 during the friendly match between the senior from Brazil to Haiti. The national stadium has also been completed during the funeral of Haitian football idol, "said Emmanuel" Manno "Sanon.


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