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Haiti: Racing Club Haitien takes the lead

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1 Haiti: Racing Club Haitien takes the lead on Tue Nov 10, 2009 12:34 pm


Haiti: Racing Club Haitien takes the lead

By leaving dominate (0-2) Sunday night by the Don Bosco at the Stade Sylvio Cator, the Violet has missed a great chance to keep his hand in the race for the title of national champion. Racing Club Haitien winner (3-1) JSC traveling Sunday at Parc Saint-Victor goes into the head of the rankings and is now in pole position in a race that more complicated.

A sin of pride

Kesnel Thomas gave a lesson to its tactical counterpart Violette Athletic Club on Sunday night by blocking the violet in all compartments of the game to finally win (2-0) before a stunned audience. Besides, nine thousand spectators who had traveled vast majority have left the stadium before the end of the meeting, as they were frustrated by the inability of old tiger to penetrate the defensive wall established by the Don Bosco since beginning of the meeting.

Yet, knowing he had his destiny is a Jean Joseph Mathelier confident that lined up: Anderson Saint-Vil - Coriolan Watson Marforel Sampeur Jules CINAT, Walter Joseph - Donald Guerrier Beaugé Nicodemus Chardelson Charlemagne, Alexander Bourcicaut - Yvens Warrior and estama Benchy looking for another victory.

As an outsider, Kesnel Thomas opined: Yvens Normil - Canes Jean Charles Olrich Saurel, Bruny Pierre Richard and Ronald Baptiste - Jimmy Sara Caries Wesner,, Philbert Merceus, Jackinto Jean - Paul Michelangelo and Teddy Saget.

After several straight wins is a sure Violette its leadership and its system of play that begins the party headed by Alain Jean Georges. Too sure of themselves, too sure of their winning strategy, players of the VAC does not take time to assess the opponent who has yet evidently prepared to counter this winning strategy. Sin of pride, the men of John Joseph Mathelier fall into the trap and jump into the attack to overwhelm the opponent. So the strategy implemented by Kesnel Thomas works as he wanted and it only plays for thirteen minutes when a shot harmless, Paul Anderson Michelangelo mistaken Saint-Vil believing that the ball was not framed leaves easily penetrate its goals for the opening goal. Gathered in the cold by the opening goal by the untimely and without local backup solution to counter the strategy implemented by Kesnel Thomas, Jean Joseph Mathelier tries to motivate his players so they come to turn the tide. But squeezed by development Kesnel works wonderfully, Bruny Pierre Richard directs his defense of the hands of master and all find themselves at ease in the plan, the men can do nothing Violette and three minutes before the end of the first period, they use guilt to stop the offensive of Don Bosco. Olrich Saurel executes the kick that s'ensuie and easily find the head of Jean Charles Canes. The relaxation of gonaïvien is excellent, his timing perfect, his header well placed and Anderson Saint-Vil is impotent. It's been 2-0 and Violet is knocked. At half time the local lead (2-0) and does not fit in the locker room causing the wrath of fans who believe that Violet is a mystical element in the changing rooms which annihilates the will of the players Violet.

At halftime, a beautiful place Mathelier estama Stivens by Jean Claude to try to provide the psychological boost, but nothing helped. Apart action punctuated by a shot next to Walter Joseph Violette fans had nothing to put in the tooth. The Don Bosco needed eventually (2-0) and climbed to 5th in the standings while Violet is no longer found in second position with the same amount of points that the Racing Club Haitien winner (3-1) JSC move.

In other matches counted for this 13th day

Good operation for Racing Club Haitien who went on to beat JSC (3-1) to climb to the top spot while his players have not received their salaries since May 2009.
Au Parc Edouard Baker, Angelot Dieujuste scored his 12th goal of the season (his 4th since the early closing) and ASCAR has emerged (1-0) at the expense of the Storm of St. Marc.
In St. Louis Park Mirebalais, thanks to a goal by Marc André Jean Baptiste that the DSO has managed to beat the formation of the CSA to climb to 3rd in the standings of the competition.
Au Parc Levelt, the Cavaly could do better than bring a 0-0 point it moves on the lawn of Baltimore who had yet received a penalty that his doorman Henry Philogène Junior has failed.
At Nelson Park Little Brother of ASSL has returned to dominating victory in the Racing Gonaïves (3-1)
Saturday, the Black Eagle had made a good move by dominating ASPDIF (2-0) at Stade Sylvio Cator.
Victory - Dynamite Saint-Marc at the Stade Sylvio Cator (Monday)

Source: Lenouvelliste (French)
Translation: Levanjiltv (English)

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