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Haiti Soccer: Old Lion bows, his rival in profits

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Haiti-Football: Old Lion bows, his rival in profits

Racing Club Haitien bowed (0-1) Saturday against Victory SC, advanced game in the 14th day of the national championship closing. The next day, only the AC Violette has benefited even being hung (0-0) by the Baltimore SC.

By Robens Duversaint

The game between the Dynamite AC to JS Capoise did not happen Saturday. The red lantern of D1 was not moving (time) at Parc Levelt. At night, the surprise would come at Sylvio Cator Stadium with the defeat of Racing Club Haitien (0-1). Robensson Jean Louis (63 ') is the scorer of Victory SC.

The Old Lion was sleeping quietly in the chair until the following day. In addition his rival Old tigre, prosecutors have not shared in this disappointment. Le Violette AC was not better than no deal at the Baltimore SC.

This score draw (0-0) is a victory for the Old Tiger, who is now master of his fate, a day after the end of the competition. For the 15th day last day, the suspense is at its peak.

"Violet wanted to win but Baltimore also needed item. We will win our last match to win the title, "said Alexander Boucicault, playmaker of the Blue and White Capital.

Park Vincent, a goal head Cleric Clerjuste enabled Racing Gonaïves to beat AS Mirebalais (1-0) in a match played behind closed doors.

Park Gerard Christopher, Cavaly and Don Bosco SC parted without scoring or conceding a goal. At Parc Saint-Victor, sports associations Cap-Haitien (AUC) and Carrefour (Ascaris) have done the same.

Levelt Park, the Storm FC, champion of openness and the Black Eagle shared points (1-1). The Belairien Delsa Jean Jordan has responded to Thompson's goal for the team Amius Bel Kolon.

Park Dupin Castor Son, ASPSIF Aquinas said goodbye to the elite in defeat (1-2) at home against AS Saint-Louis du Nord. The regular Christmas Eve striker opened the scoring for the visitors, Wilguens Louis brought equality for local and Kerby St. John gave the victory to his.

After the 14th day, nothing has really changed in the rankings. In the championship closing Violet takes the hand with 26 points, Racing Club Haitien and Cavaly have a length less. AS Mirebalais rest with 24 points and Don Bosco SC completes the top 5 with 23 points.

In the overall (cumulative Championships Opening and Closing) is virtually the status quo. If the Don Bosco SC up the rear for the Super Eight with 41 points. The Baltimore SC is 9th with 40 points. Follow the ASSL (39 points), Dynamite AC (provisionally 38 points), the SC Victory (37 points), the Black Eagle (36 points), Racing Gonaïves (32 points).

The ASPDIF and JS Capoise evolve lower division next season, Racing Gonaives now knows he must pass through the dams to keep the place in first division.

Furthermore, the Lightning (the other club in the city of Independence) composted his ticket to paradise D1 beating Fica (1-0) at the 5th day of the final phase of the Divion second. The Lightning, who spent ten years in the hell of D2 has 12 points and can no longer be joined by his followers in a day late.

The results of the 14th day of D1: Saturday, November 14: Dynamite AC vs. JS Capoise (not required), Racing Club Haitien vs Victory SC 0-1. Sunday, November 15: Storm vs. FC 1-1 Black Eagle, ASPDIF vs. AS Saint-Louis 1-2, Racing Gonaïves Mirebalais vs AS 1-0, Cavaly vs. Don Bosco 0-0, AS vs. AS Carrefour Capoise 0-0, Violette AC vs Baltimore SC 0-0.

Posters from the 15th and last day: Don Bosco vs. Racing Gonaïves - JS vs Capoise ASPDIF - Baltimore SC vs AS Capoise - St Louis vs. AC Violette - Victory SC vs. FC Storm - Carrefour SA vs. AC Dynamite - Black Eagle vs Racing Club Haitien - AS Mirebalais vs. Cavaly.


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