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Oasis in Haiti: Labadie, a window on Haiti

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The Oasis of the Seas RCCL will throw the anchor for the first time in Labadie December 3, 2009. The event will cause much ink is the sign of a resurgence of Haiti on the world tourism map because of all that it entails opportunities, according to some.

"Haiti is back in force on the world tourism map," exulted Patrick Delatour, minister of tourism, nose momentarily released his records, a few days before docking at Labadie, December 3, 2009, the largest and most expensive ship cruise history, "the Oasis of the Seas" Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Operations at Labadie this vessel capable of carrying 6294 passengers and 2166 crew members will be made possible through an investment of 50 million dollars which has among others the construction of a quay of 243 m long in the context of a partnership with the Haitian State, says he.

The use of this infrastructure connects the architect of monuments, will end the landing from the boats back and forth. This, according to forecasts, will reach a little over one million visitors in the coming years, says Mr. Delatour, noting the look of satisfaction that visitation per person will be more than 6 but 10 U.S. dollars. Chauvin, it stressed that Haiti with this dock, now becomes one of four stops in the Caribbean can accommodate vessels of the generation of "Oasis of the Seas (220,000 tons) alongside Cozumel (Mexico), St. Martin (colony Hollandaise), Ocho Rios and Montego Bay (Jamaica).

History buff, Patrick Delatour also indicates that Labadie is a window on the culture of Haiti. The topic included in the site architecture, in agreement with Solana and RCCL is "Haiti, the capital of the Carib craft. "The acceptance of this concept led to the establishment on the site of a museum of history of Haiti whose expression is an exhibition on the memory of tourist movement in the Caribbean, which began with the arrival of Christopher Columbus and another exhibition on the bicentenary of the city of Port-au-Prince.

According to the minister of tourism, RCCL has recognized the need to allow its cruise passengers to make trips to discover other tourism products such as Cap-Haitien, the National Park including the historic Citadel, the Palace Sans-Souci Fortress of Ramiers and byproducts of the bay of Labadie. The tourist industry, possible basis for the economy of the region, has pinned his game to take the opportunities offered by this destination and satellite projects in traditional and agro-industrial sector. "Two eggs multiplied by nine thousand tourists a day Labadie can cause a boom for the sector. The same calculation applies to cups of coffee, orange juice or lemon.

The Minister welcomed the support of USAID, through the program market, is poised to invest U.S. $ 700,000 in Road Bay Acul Milot and where the National History Park, pending study This route has to finance the IDB (interamércaine of development). A road, says he, that could fund the Development Bank of the Caribbean. The Haitian state, despite its limited resources, under the public investment program, allocates 50 million gourdes Ministry of Tourism because he believes that tourism is a growth area of economic development.

One of the linchpins of successful Labadie, Maryse Kedar Penette Solano, taciturn but effective prioritizing action, says that in 25 years, Royal Caribbean International has invested 100 million dollars to stop the private Labadie . This destination has become a favorite destination of cruise, a gateway to Haiti and its rich culture. Flying past and the path of RCCL, she said that the size of vessels docking at the site increased from 800 passengers in 1986 to 6300 after the maiden voyage of December 3, 2009. Today, the operations of the Solano affect about 700 people locally, of which 230 are employed full time. The call will take each year more than 550,000 visitors. It generates business, wealth, well-being and employment for hundreds of area residents.

According Penette Maryse Kedar, with this new wharf, several boats will dock at the same time, and to satisfy a crowd almost doubled, many investments have also taken place in 8000 to accommodate cruise. Recent work has led to an increase of over 50% the capacity of restaurants and sanitary facilities, and 70% of the bars. Transportation has doubled over the call, the security points were multiplied by 4. A new village shop has been installed and new attractions. In addition to the zip line (flight line), water sports and parasailing, a Russian Mountain (roller coaster) etc.. The private cabanas are now available to cruise passengers.

In the near future excursions will probably discover the National Park of the Citadel and Sans Souci Palace, confirms Ms. Kedar. A highly anticipated new development by cruise and tourism professionals who rely on the actions of the Haitian State and regional actors to make this site accessible. Through this port of call, Royal Caribbean is already opening the door to Haiti more than half a million people each year, while they build the thousands of rooms that would accommodate them to attract as many visitors to the Citadel and in the far north.

The days in port, troubadours, dancers, craftsmen, braiding hair, but also guards, officers responsible for security, maintenance and service on the beach and board, working on the site. They come from every village of the communal section of the North Band. The construction of the wharf has involved Haitian businesses and amenities of the call have further increased the number of temporary workers for the season 2008/2009. Furthermore, more and more young Haitians have the opportunity to find work on boats. 80 youth have been recruited this year, which has doubled the number of employees recruited Haitians to Haiti to work on the ships of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, says she.

Haitian officials are expected to stop private Labadie which covers an area of 80 tiles, land leased by SOLANO at the Haitian State to Point Labadie, in the communal section of the North Band 3 December. The maiden voyage of the "Oasis of the Seas" is a curiosity that gives Haiti media spotlight of the international press, a little more than a fortnight after the dismissal of Prime Minister Michele D. Pierre-Louis and the installation of Jean Max Bellerive in the Prime. It also comes at a time when it was feared that efforts withers (momentum) that Clinton had visited Labadie More than a month with foreign investors. Meanwhile, this week, Dominican Republic, foreign direct investment of just over 5 billion U.S. dollars were announced in tourism projects including Pedernales, a city located opposite Anse-à-Pitre, in South-east of Haiti. Labadie with Oasis of the Seas and other investments will be even more ambitious Does an engine that supports the development of tourism in the north? Are the stars are aligned in the combined forces in all private and public sectors to achieve the longed-for boom in tourism and the economy in general? Labadie is currently a window, a success story which we must start to build ...

Roberson Alphonse
Source: Lenouvelliste (French)
Levanjiltv (English Translation)

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