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FICA sentenced to spend a season in hell

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1 FICA sentenced to spend a season in hell on Tue Dec 08, 2009 4:49 pm


FICA sentenced to spend a season in hell

The Inter Club Football Association (FICA) is sentenced to spend another season in second division after missing a hair of his rise in the first division on Sunday. Vincent Park at Gonaïves, the FICA needed a victory or a draw with a score of more than one goal for each team to pass. But the Gonaïviens have managed the feat to keep their clean sheet throughout the game and have earned a valuable draw on a blank score. A score that favors the white space since in one way, they managed to score a goal (1-1) on the lawn of the FICA. Of the two games, Racing Gonaïves keeps his place in first division for the purpose marked out in the first leg, and FICA will because of this small order cashed at Parc Saint-Victor go another season in second division.

The Black Eagle passes and Inter Grand Goave Perish

By beating the ASPG (2-1) Saturday night at the Sylvio Cator stadium, the Black Eagle has managed to retain its place among the elite after a leg full of suspense and pressure. After the draw (0-0) the first leg, the Grand Goâviens mission was to confirm the next stage by scoring a goal without losing the game. The mission was a little more complicated for the Black Eagle had an obligation to win at all costs. After forty five minutes, the two formations were returning to the locker room with the score starting (0-0), but back in the locker room, players of the Black Eagle squeezed by their audience began to head out of water and Giulliano Philippe entered during gameplay starts to wear a little more brightness in the game Bélairiens. We play for 61 minutes when a little kick from the left side of the defense of Grand Goâviens Eddy Bonhomme up a good ball on the head of Philip Guilliano placing the ball under the crossbar for the opening goal in stage in delirium. The porter ASPG Garry Jean Roody can only see the damage.

This setback, far from discouraging visitors, had preferred the gift to sharpen the appetite of Grand Goâviens. Even the expulsion of their race number (7) in the 70th minute for accumulated yellow cards did not affect their morale. Instead, throwing body and soul into the fray, they put a little more pressure on the defense of Bélairiens. This race against time lasted nine minutes after the expulsion of Jean Pierre Patrick for a foul on the left side of the Eagle defense, Paul Witz up a gold ball on the head of Joseph, who beat Johnny Unstoppable Peterson Occénat for the equalizer. The Inter fans can rejoice, so while fans of the Black Eagle began to cry. Before the forums, Marie Lourdes forgets his beverage, his hands on her head, she is a constant coming and going as if she had just learned that his mother was giving up the ghost.

A man whispers in tears: "Gade nan ki's Racing Mèsy nwa mete Eg. Next to the bench, Arnold can not stay in place, some treat the coach of the Black Eagle, Hubert Anglade, of all names. Some even dare to believe it does nothing for the eagle in this game because of its origin in the region of Palms. Between tears and despair, eight minutes passed and he remained only three minutes to play and the Eagle gets a corner on the left side of the Grand goâvienne defense. In the stands, it does not follow this same corner, as Fritzson Jean-Baptiste is more awkward and the other strikers do not pay mine. The ball flew from the point of corner and comes towards Fritzson Jean-Baptiste. The timing is right, the bucket impeccable, the whim and powerful frame, but keeper Grand goâvien regrowth. The danger is not yet set aside and bing bang in the middle of the defense goâvienne Grand Central, the ball reaches Bony Peter who posted the second post has more than catapult the ball into the nets worsening of the score. The leading Black Eagle (2-1) and returns to first division.

Marie Lourdes exploded with joy like crazy when she saw other fans of his friends in the stands exploded. Slaughtered, the Grand goâviens players have never had the strength to come back and despite three minutes of added time, nothing has been marked with tears in his eyes, the Grand goâviens departed for a season in hell while the Black Eagle retains its place in first division.

Source: Lenouvelliste (French)
Levanjiltv: (English Translation)

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