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Haiti: 2010, first decade of the 3rd millennium

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Haiti: 2010, first decade of the 3rd millennium

First decade of the 3rd millennium, the sentence is pompous, the figures seem magical, or unhappy, it goes without saying. First decade. Third Millennium. It sounds like a calendar.

First decade of the 3rd millennium, it seemed that means something special. This is especially fantasize numerology lovers who find any symbolism in the figures.

Seven figure of perfection, a figure of unity, and 10, the famous Maradona number or a certain political group who wanted to be number one after a draw (not completely) at random ... but nevermind .

First decade of the 3rd millennium, it must be repeated several times to grasp the meaning, or may be commonplace. After all this is that the first decade of the 2000s who, in their infancy, had germinated many apprehensions in the minds of many. It was believed, among other things, that would be the end of the world. But the world does not seem in a hurry to finish, to the delight of many, and to the dismay of others.

But this decade appeared, it received less anxiety. It dismisses 2009 with pomp, and it prepares to host the first decade of the 3rd millennium.

Because it's not every day that saw such dates, or for early millennia, centuries, fifties, decades, it necessarily mark the spirits. This gives rise to reflections, power of questions, the most serious to the frivolous.

And then we began to think. To think of time passing so quickly and not really an upgrade. A look ahead, darkening day by day. Religious revise predictions to see where will the Messiah announced there are more than two thousand years and scientists are clinging to their computers, microscopes, turning his eyes toward the sky or to the glaciers in the poles ... Lay waiting to see what will be the end of all this.

Everyone wondered anxiously what tomorrow will bring. The economic crisis of the past two years does not reassure anyone. It has not yet entered a "crisis" leading climate the tip of her nose.

What is the use of the first decade of a 3rd millennium? What use is he to think? What little we learn or wait?

First decade of the 3rd millennium. Even if that means nothing to you, happy new year 2010 anyway!

Source: DD / HPN (French)
Levanjiltv: English Translation

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