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Insecurity in Haiti, the fear returns

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Insecurity in Haiti, the fear returns

The morgue of the Hospital of the State University of Haiti has received 50 people killed by gunfire during the month of February 2010. 54, 1 st to March 17. The "no man's land" are increasing in the rubble of the capital where we fly, viola, hound, kidnaps and murders. As far as replicas, fear of insecurity back ...

Haiti: Wednesday, March 17, 2010, 9 am 49 am agents of the Haiti National Police searched vehicles, conducting random identity checks at La Saline Boulevard, where two of their brothers in arms, and Adam Richardson Enzo Edward in civilian clothes on board a vehicle, were killed yesterday by gunmen. "Guinea fowl, guinea fowl," the stamp of fear on their faces, drivers, after the "checkpoint" not far from Garre planer Hinche, they spin at high speed on this boulevard partially scattered from the sea since transformed few days into a veritable "no man's land.

"These days, many people have been killed by bullets," says St. Fort, a porter in his forties. "I've seen two corpses since the beginning of the week. The market in my area have seen others, "said Eliane, 43, who waits impatiently in a filthy tent, a shipment of" campaigning "from the Dominican Republic. Talkative, she suddenly puts a damper on the approach of a young man with a tattoo on his chest. She said nothing more, while only a hundred meters, peacekeepers install a water tank on the roof of the substation in La Saline happening, presumably, to be redeveloped.

7 shot dead Wednesday in Port-au-Prince

A fifteen minute drive away, traffic jam forces, Jovain Yves Pierre, director of the morgue of the Hospital of the State University of Haiti, his nose in his sinister register receipt, confirms the worst fears of those who fear a rise in homicides in Port-au-Prince and its environs after the escape of some 4 000 prisoners, including dangerous criminals. "The number of people killed by gunfire is 50 for the month of February. For the month it is already 54. Just for today, March 17, my services have received 7 ", he says, explaining a professorial tone that, according to law, any person dead or killed on the highway, either by bullets or at the knife should be sent to the morgue after HUEH minutes finding a justice of the peace

At a stone's throw of the largest public hospital in the country, under a tent on the courtyard of the police in Port-au-Prince somewhat cracked, the police commissioner Michelangelo Gideon confirms the resurgence of criminal activity. "The gang leaders who escaped from January 12 were réorganisés.19 people, including 14 men were killed by bullets in my court in February. La Saline, National Theater, the street St-Honore, Finished 4th Ave Bolosse Martissant 23 Fontamara, Pacot ... are among the hot spots, areas where banditry have recently reported, "he said.

Commissioner Michael Gideon angle, instead of abdicating, said his troops, working under difficult conditions, have managed so far to capture 60 fugitives and recover twelve weapons, including rifles. "The transaction identity check has to stop Nickenson including Peter, involved in the robbery of" SOGEXPRESS "continues.

"Evasion" in prison, what about the investigation?

"The joint investigation by the police, the Ministry of Justice and MINUSTAH is under way. We have captured many escaped, "said George Ola-Davies, the new spokesman for the MINUSTAH, who does not wish at this time whether or not peacekeepers on duty in the civil prison of Port-au Prince January 12 are within the scope of measures pending the publication of the results of this investigation intended to establish responsibilities and shed light on the escape.

Release or escape?

Why and who gave the order to release the prisoners? Where is the head of APENA? Asks Senator John Hector Anacasis. The senator stressed that very often "escape" planned by insiders, bribed by drug traffickers, occurred in contexts of social and political unrest. "It's wicked free psychopaths incarcerated at great sacrifice of time, money, lives by the police, MPs rebelled, which proposes the creation of a specialized body to manage prisons Republic. The APENA by Jean Hector Anacasis, should focus strictly on business administration.

"He must lead the investigation to avoid any speculation. If it is the authorities who, for humanitarian reasons, about eight o'clock January 12, ordered to open the gates of the prison, they assume their responsibilities, "said Reginald Delva, a specialist in Public Security directs "Alert Haiti." As Senator Anacasis, Reginald Delva wondered if this is not a remake of "escapes" to which we are accustomed.

To Mr. Delva, there must be an increase in the number of bus stations, banks, the wharf of Jeremiah, the Saline, where banditry is identified. "People should give a description of the escapees who took refuge in their neighborhood," advises the security specialist, member of a group of citizens who had proposed a law more stringent and more suited to fight against kidnapping.

The State Department has sounded the alarm

The risk of being killed or being kidnapped persists in Haiti, according to a travel advisory issued Monday by the U.S. State Department. Some abductees have been killed, tortured and sexually abused. One of four U.S. citizens killed in Haiti since January 12 has been violated, "says Mari Tolliver, spokeswoman for the Embassy of the United States in Port-au-Prince.

What does the CSPN face this new crime wave, resulting in some views, release or escape of some 4 000 inmates of the penitentiary?

Reached by phone between meetings, the Minister of Justice, Paul Denis, Number 2, CSPN, had promised to answer this question and some others earlier this afternoon. But it has probably not been able to free himself. In the press, he had expressed his intention to shed light on what happened to the prison to determine the criminal and administrative responsibilities.

Meanwhile, if the authorities are involved in the preparation of the donor conference, the hurricane season, helping homeless earthquake, another disaster struck in a certain indifference. In downtown Port-au-Prince and elsewhere, the hot spots were reconstructed by bandits, including "escaped". They speak the powder, violence, murder, train ... while peacekeepers seem more concerned to "secure" distribution of food to disaster victims.

Roberson Alphonse

Source: Lenouvelliste (French)
Levanjiltv: English Translation

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