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Preval has the billions to shape the new future of Haiti

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Préval has the billions to shape the new future of Haiti

Haiti: It's nearly half past six in the afternoon in the basement of the headquarters of the United Nations in New York, President Rene Preval talks to a group of Haitian journalists.
A sign that the president is satisfied with his day of March 31, 2010, there is no hurry. The same issues on other forms, patient, he argues, and continued to answer. Journalists are over. Each in turn saves a sample of the presidential speech.

This March 31, which began at 9 o'clock in the morning with speeches, ends in historic day for Rene Preval. It's Ban Ki-moon told him in the presence of Hilary Clinton of the United States, Bernard Kouchner of France, Celso Amorim of Brazil, Lawrence Cannon Canada all foreign ministers of their countries and Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, vice president of the Spanish Government, all presidents and vice presidents of the Conference. The statement was made before an audience of senior officials, media and the world somehow.

Historic day because, beyond the initial expectations of the Haitian government which was banking on $ 3.9 billion, the delegation headed by President Préval has raised more than $ 5.2 billion in pledges from 59 countries of the earth a period of 18 months and nearly 10 billion within three years.

Record. For amounts allocated and the number of contributing countries (the full list can be found at: The success is historical. Nobody wants to think about previous conferences where, after each disaster, Haiti has always received billions not always paid or acted upon.

All the greats have preferred to greet the turn of March 31 which was a landmark in international relations. Some countries have contributed ten thousand dollars, others for more than one billion. Such care is unmatched. 80 countries had brought relief to tsunami victims in Asia, 140 are from the bedside of Haiti. 20 countries have given money to help Indonesia, 59 have done for Haiti.

The success brings the weight of figures like a halo and satisfaction shining in the eyes of team members accompanying the President and are waiting for him. Its Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive, sitting behind him during the press conference, kept his smile in the afternoon and even "ashamed" when the president himself has publicly compliment, thanked him and called his name.

Undeterred, the United Nations that empties the last delegates Rene Preval meets again and again questions the big guns of the Haitian press who all made the trip from the countries or cities of the Diaspora. Security officers are overwhelmed by the availability presidential. The day was long. Hours of plenary sessions, numerous meetings since the beginning and they know that this will continue into the evening.

The country's president who has just received $ 5 billion more appointments than pages in his diary. But Preval, more salt than pepper beard made perfectly straight, well dressed in his gray pinstriped jacket, is to answer all the questions and said that back home his first step will be to explain to people the results of its journey Yorker.

Elections, market transparency, sensitive issues

On the elections, Préval is clear. They must be held to meet constitutional deadlines. On a possible incompatibility of the law on the state of emergency and held at the show, he reassured. It is not. The law does not hinder the holding of democratic elections, the president ensures that some suspect of preparing a new electoral stunt which he alone has the secret on the board for 20 years.

For what it is mechanisms to ensure transparent procurement markets following the disappearance for nearly two years the president of the National Procurement and not replaced, President Preval admits his caution.

Yes, "he Nouvelliste, it is necessary to regularize the situation, but not about rushing. Moreover, to date, the government has no information on the fate of Francis Robert Marcello, the chairman of that committee has been missing since January 13, 2009.

The law on the state of emergency will also be used to bypass the cumbersome procurement procedures.

These issues are sensitive. Transparency in operations that follow the provision of billions of the international community and the legitimacy of the authorities in charge of spending the funds, were two requirements by all stakeholders, March 31 at the UN.

The specter of corruption postponed

To a question from a journalist at the press conference this afternoon in the Great Hall of the United Nations, whether the money will go in good hands to make good projects, all ministers Foreign present wished to respond to support Haiti, the black sheep.

While allocating funds to be managed by responsible taxpayers accounts, these concerns have gone through all the thoughts and many speakers have expressed them clearly. Whether Bill Clinton's reference to NGOs that do not make enough accountability from Haiti or the United Nations Secretary General who said that the Haitian government will be responsible for funds allocated to reconstruction, everyone said, watermark, it is vital that the aid money to Haiti is the world's best spent.

Preval promised that he will. He probably knows that the audience applause select who attended the closing press conference of the International Conference of Donors to a New Future for Haiti will be quickly replaced by cries of a lynching, it fails. If his government does not give the expected results or if the aid evaporates in tortuous paths, it will be pilloried.

Haitian leaders brought to bare to dogs and then released, Preval has plenty of examples since it is business. Attitudes like politicians in donor countries will not make gifts.

The U.S. Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, the country promises more than a billion dollars over the next two years, warned: "we are called to do better than we did in the past. We can not do what we did in the past. Leaders must address the reconstruction of their country. We need transparency and should not fall back into old habits. "

"After the generosity, we expect results," launched as a warning to the Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon who also welcomed the new global model of cooperation that starts with support for Haiti. His country was committed $ 400 million within the next two years for Haiti.

Anyway, the notebook checks reconstruction UNDP will, in the office of the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Bill Clinton, husband of U.S. Secretary of State. He only approve expenditures. Haiti will present projects and if found eligible, the funds will be released.

Children and adults respond to the call

The day was marked by announcements of "the pledges, such voluntary contributions and generous country. The largest, after the announcement in the room, out to meet the press, the smaller, modest, have simply announced in plenary. The total contribution of Europe is approaching three billion dollars. Brazil contributes with 172 million and France will give 288 million, including $ 8 million in budget support by the end of the month.

The case of budget support was also very good news of the day. Everyone is in favor and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Ronald Baudin did not hide his satisfaction that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has given its support to this urgent request of the Haitian government. The fund and the World Bank also bend a partial guarantee fund to finance for small and medium enterprises.

In a meeting with Dominique Strauss Kahn, the president and his advisers are still left satisfied. Baudin did not want to reveal the proportion of the total amount of 5 billion that will go to support direct government spending, but welcomes the first ads. He is confident that the budget for next year also will be covered.

The only person who did not want reluctant to rule was Mrs. Clinton. In principle, the U.S. is cautious about the file. The New York Times since January 12, 1 billion and 350 million dollars have been spent by donors, but only 23 million have been delivered to the Haitian government. What handicap all good intentions.

The fate of Haiti is unanimous

The donors conference was a success by the amount determined, beyond the demand, the quality of participants and the assistance that have spent all day making a full house at each stage of the conference). The appointment of 31 March was also a success by the diversity of national and international sectors represented and have increased their support to the ongoing process. And, as Bill Clinton said, Haiti is the only subject on which everyone, the United States, including Cuba and Venezuela, agreed.

This is the first time on a project involving the future of Haiti, the private, public, NGOs, civil society and the international community agree on the essentials and walk, for the moment hand in hand.

However, aid will not suffice. President Préval, Hilary Clinton, the U.S. Secretary of State and Celso Amorim, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil have all agreed to this truth.

If Preval called on foreign direct investment, the Brazilian proposal for the world to leave Haiti to export without hindrance or barriers is an option that could give us the boost we would fly in front of our own. We learn to fish instead of waiting for the fish donation ...

The private sector had Reginald Boulos as spokesperson should welcome the entry card as the reconstruction and understanding of Preval solutions to the crisis resulting from the earthquake have given him. The Haitian businessmen and companies working in Haiti have bread on the board to convert the opportunity window of opportunity that lies ahead before them.

Brad Horowitz President of Trilogy, is the parent company, did not miss the opportunity to say in his speech to the Conference and he is right. We can not do that business in Haiti, it takes commitment to the country and its people.

In the basement of the United Nations, President Preval away journalists and finally take the path of the limousine is waiting.

His laughter is heard as was echoed in the conference room of the UN those of Hilary Clinton, Bernard Kouchner, Celso Amorim and Lawrence Cannon while waiting for 5hours at 5 hours 30 Ban Ki-moon and Rene Preval so announcements of good news to be made in the world.

A good day ends. President Préval can start back, satisfied with this round. The hard work begins: spend the money promised and rebuild, no, rebuild and build Haiti.

Source: Lenouvelliste (French)
Levanjiltv: English Translation

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