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Racing Club Haitien revives debate

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1 Racing Club Haitien revives debate on Tue Oct 27, 2009 1:32 pm


As the dominant leader in the competition (2-1) Sunday at the Stade Sylvio Cator, Racing Club Haitien relaunch the debate in the national league first division. So, it benefits the Violette Athletic Club which is only the 2nd in the standings with his victory (2-1) at the expense of the ASC on Saturday night before about eight thousand spectators.

About eleven thousand spectators attended Sunday to shock the 10th day pitting leader Leogane Cavaly and Racing Club Haitien at Stade Sylvio Cator. The match which was a kind of final was as stake or restart the competition if they win at Racing Club Haitien, or draw the profile of the champion in the event of victory Cavaly. Adventures to enter the stadium because the crowd wanted to see the show, fear for the premises to see the door open to visitors as well as fear of those who made the trip with Cavaly to see their team down the flag. Not wanting to change a winning team, Jean-Yves Philogène Labaze aligns the same formation that had dominated the Racing Gonaïves with Julien Jospy in goal - Frantz Gilles, Géraldy Joseph Adhemar and Sonthonax Forest Alliance Defense - Harold Lord and Adlet Mady recovery - Cadet Changle, Fitz Gerald and Alex Alliance Milien behind Kimberly Francis pointed.

Pierre Andre Dorvilus shaping the Racing Club Haitien increasingly align: Yves Milhomme in goal - Bag Suffering, John Edwin Joseph, Joseph and Carl Henry Jean Paul Régilus defense - Jimmy Saint-Lot, Patrick Eveillard, Marcel Joinvilma, Darlin Thoby in midfield - Cristiano Francis and Jeff Theodore attack.

This is the Racing Club Haitien who shows the most enterprising from the start of the meeting and it is only five minutes when Patrick Eveillard finds fault and opened the scoring for Racing Club Haitien in the Sylvio Cator stadium delirious. Psychologically liberated, the "Old Lion" is the game, there is increased activity, but men of Peter Andre Dorvilus fail to materialize, and the second goal late in coming. Until the 22nd minute, the time for Joinvilma Marcel served on the left wing to outflank and perfectly centered in the area. Seeing this elusive ball, Jospy hesitated between going out or staying in his cage, the ball bounces to go back Cristiano Francis at the far post. The recovery of the young striker Racing is beautiful, her right foot back for a superb goal in spectacular half volley. The public appreciates and Racing leads 2-0. This will be the score at halftime.

In the second period, Cavaly more motivated than ever takes the game to his account and it has played seuulement five minutes when he won a corner on the left side. To make this mini corner is Adhemar Alliance rushes and hits the ball directly towards the goal of Racing. The effect in the flask is perfect and it is logically draw a perfect curve to rush into the goals of Milhomme at the far post. The Cavaly reduced the score and is not conducted on a single goal. In old veteran, Peter Andre Drovilus then chooses to proceed against attack on strengthening its defense and strategy work. At the final whistle, Racing Club Haitien needed (2-1) to revive the competition even if the Cavaly still leading with one point lead over its nearest rival.

The Violet makes good business

Le Violette Athletic Club has made the bargain of the day by dominating the AUC (2-1) Saturday night at the Sylvio Cator Stadium in a match counting for the 10th day of the national championship first division. In this important gathering for the "Old Tiger" Yvens Warrior opens the scoring in the 22nd minute to allow the premises to return to the locker room with the thin edge of a goal. In the 52nd minute, however, another Warrior, Donald, increases the score for the Violet lead (2-0) and profiler sees victory in sight. But the visitors were still Capois assured the suspense by cutting to mark the 64th minute by Jean Pierre Mondesir. The players have played Violet watch from the equalizer and managed their meager advantage until the final whistle. The Violet is required (2-1) and took 2nd place ranking.

Source: Lenouvellise
English translation: Levanjiltv

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