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Haiti Soccer: Bahamian goes down deep

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1 Haiti Soccer: Bahamian goes down deep on Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:36 pm


Haiti: Sinking of Bahamian (5-0)

Noel Mc Laren has tried everything, change strategy, change players, change tactics, to no avail, the Haitian national team football players made up of mostly less sturdy than the Bahamian physically but more gifted technically has dominated its formation (5-0) to stay ahead of the group A of the Caribbean area. Suddenly, the ticket will be between Cayman Islands who beat the Virgin Islands (13-0) and Haiti on Friday. The Bahamian try, they, to avoid last place in facing the Virgin Islands at Stade Sylvio Cator.

After the rain of goals spread by the U-17 selection on the Haitian National Women's Virgin Islands, is a curious audience who made the trip Wednesday to come see the proteges of James Morisset, Yvette Felix and Jean Yves Philogène Labaze. The Cayman Islands to meet the girls in the Virgin Islands first meeting, eight thousand spectators were already there to attend the first game. In fact, there was no contest because Ashani Francis scoring the first goal in the 5th minute for the Cayman Islands, the rest of the game was a formality for the "red and white" who sought just beat the Virgin Islands on the same score as Haiti. But include twenty-four goals is not easy and although Caymanaises took under 21 minutes to open the score at half time, they prevailed by 7-0.

In the second period, the Virgin Islands have shown some resistance stunning even gained an audience to their cause and wants them to register at least one goal. In the end, they collected 13 goals in the encounter allowing Caymanaises temporarily take the lead in the standings with a goal of passing Ashani Francis, two of Brianna Hydes, Shanice Monteiht four, three Hashley Shin and two Shanelle Frederiks.

And then came the encounter Haiti - Bahamas

After the victory of the Cayman Islands, it became imperative that the Haitian win to stay ahead of the classification in the group A. The public has grown rapidly to over thirteen thousand spectators sang in chorus "The Dessalinienne" to show the small Haitian that "they do not work alone in this race for qualifying ticket.

For this second release of the national team, James Morisset aligns Madeline Delice - Sobon Derozin Gertrude St. Jacques and Roseline Yacinthe defense - Guerlie Cheristil and Dieunise Jean-Baptiste recovery, and Clarette Cloraine rake on both wings and Ayana Francis to play in midfield - Roselord Borgella and Yolande Meron attack. Laura Jean Yves took the direction of bench. Opposite, Mc Laren, trying to counter the Haitian team, aligns Courtney Treco in goal-Karen Wert, Annisa Albury, Destiny Mitchell defense - Holly Sands, Kimberly Johnson, Felicia Taylor, Lauren Haven in midfield, and Mia Whylly Courtney Moss pointed.

Crillian Martindale of Barbados who whistled the kickoff, Haitians attacked the party, foot to the floor and 90 seconds after kickoff, Roselord Borgella is found in time to open the scoring and record his 8th goal in competition. Picked to cold, Bahamian first try to resist and even to give the reply to a Haitian team so strong technically. On 19 minutes, the whim of Yolande Merone passes slightly to side, like the Super Ayana strikes in the 27th minute discount Yolande Merone diverted by Greco. On the corner in the 28th minute, the head of Merone found the bar, but the score does not change. Roselord Borgella, only to Greco in the 31st minute, too opens his supporting foot. But two minutes later, the center Clarette it comes to the penalty spot, the player takes the essential time to check his ball before adjusting Greco for his 9th goal in the competition and the second goal from Haiti now leads by two clear goals in the face of Bahamian.

They advanced into halftime when Yolande Merone marks the 3rd goal of the training Haitian law, striking at an angle impossible. At halftime lead Haiti 3-0.

In the second half McLaren brought Shannon Hutton after entering Paige Ambroisier three minutes before. But do not change much against the talent of young Haitians. Ayana tried his luck from distance in the 54th minute, Yvrose Gervil did the same in the 57th and could even receive a penalty. The referee awards the corner and Haiti continues to dominate. We play for 62 minutes when substitute Morisset Yvrose Syndie by Young in the audience applause and seven minutes later, Cyndie, who distils caviar since coming into play, participate in this action clarifies that allow Yolande Merone to score the 4th goal of the national team.

The Bahamian then try to reduce the score with strength and goal should be achieved in the 72nd minute, forcing Sobon to concede the corner. But the Haitian defense has held, even better line of attack has regained all of its punch after the start of Yves-Laure and after a collective action of all beauty. Yves Laure is making the final pass for Ayana striking the right foot to complete the 5-0 mark for Haiti when there is no more than a minute to play.

At the final whistle, Haiti wins 5-0 and takes the lead group with 29 goals and won two games while waiting to cross swords on Friday with the formation of the Cayman Islands in a sort of final group.

Source: Lenouvelliste (French)
Levanjiltv: (English)

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