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Haiti: On the wings of Air Caribbean

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Haiti: On the wings of Air Caribbean

No more worries. Now, twice a week to go directly to Paris from Port-au-Prince is possible on the wings of Air Caraibes.

The sky is clear. Pierced by the rays of the sun already in the west, a few clouds drifting into the horizon and become lost between sky and sea, off La Gonave. The wind blows. No burst. It does not upset. Two fire trucks are face to face on the tarmac at Toussaint Louverture International Airport, Saturday, December 12 2009.Tout is ready for 'baptism'. Filent.4 hres43 minutes.

Bake and mill, VĂ©ronique Malialin Serge Tsygalnitzky respectively responsible marketing and general manager of the "Air Caraibes' blow. Time for a moment. On the runway, they look to others to throw from the new bridge which commissioning is a matter of days. They discuss many things before, like Bernadette saw the Virgin to the grotto of Massabielle be caught. Not by the veiled virgin dressed in white with a blue sash. But it's like. Presque.Ils look amazed and proud of the Airbus A 330 -300, 364 passengers traveling under "an arc of water, the essential step of the ritual of welcome to the inaugural flight on a destination.

"P-au-P/Paris nonstop is now a reality," said a passenger Haiti, happy to return home for the holidays under the gaze meets Serge Tsygalnitzky. "It's wonderful. I am proud of this inaugural flight, on 12 December, "says Mr. Tsygalnitzky stressing the fetish side of this date for this regional company with big ambitions. "Our goal is to make traveling more people by lowering prices. 25 000 passengers a year is one of our goals, "says he, without fail to mention the headache of who to go in France, from Port-au-Prince, had other choice than to go through Miami, Guadeloupe or Martinique.

According to French to Russian roots, the two weekly flights (Tuesdays and Saturdays) also reflect the will of Air Caribbean to work on the development of the region and particularly in Haiti where, economically, there are new opportunities , new opportunities. "On board our aircraft, you will find the warmth, the legendary hospitality of the Caribbean", Serge Tsygalnitzky promises. Firmly attached to highlight the historical aspect of this inaugural flight, he said that Air Caraibes wrote an important page in its history while moving forward in its expansion plans into new territory. For Haiti also, ten years after stopping the connection P-au-P/Paris the moment is historic, says Tsygalnitzky, seeking information on a Haitian who was fascinated: Aubelin Jolicoeur, a legend left too early for the afterlife, according to some.

The AAN is pleased. "It's always a pleasure for an airport manager to welcome a new flight," says Lionel Isaac, Director General of the National Port Authority (NAA), which undertakes to provide all facilities to operate this destination. Next Saturday, the bridge will serve the passengers of Air Caribbean, promises Mr. Isaac, to which multiple applications use symbolized a recognition of the efforts of NAA to improve the reception at the airport. A sign. These direct flights
biweekly, according to Josette Darguste, head of public relations at the Ministry of Tourism is not new, a new mark of confidence in Haiti. "I hope that all Haitians can take advantage of these flights worse towards the carnival. Come, we'll wait and make efforts to make the country comfortable, "exclaims it that Veronica Malialin then secured on the sidelines of the ceremony official diplomatic lounge, the guest speakers at dinner offered by the company, later in the evening, had confirmed their participation.

In Karibe

At the Hotel Karibe, tuxedo, bow tie, tie, dresses "Claw" creations of the masters of haute couture will compete. Tour operators optimistic, representatives of travel agencies, men and women in business, officials and diplomats at the foot of an inflatable Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe leaving an impression of being in Paris, the city of light discussed opportunities are being created. The new momentum in the airline industry is an indicator of some economic recovery, analyzes a business man, thinking to build a momentum of interest for foreign direct investment in the country. The importance of revitalizing the air transport for tourism being identified by Pierre Chauvet HUD receives the membership of the Minister of Culture and Communication Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue. The former journalist responsible for assisting the Government Bellerive communicate better, as the Ambassador of France in Port-au-Prince Didier Lebret, believes that this flight is another step in the reconciliation of Haiti, which shares more than history, more than a language with the descendants of Asterix.

While this impressive team of individuals discovered the talent of the French chef of the Hotel Karibe, the Bordeaux vintage of the hostesses curves of authentic women of the Caribbean and invited each other to fly on the wings of Air Caribbean.

Source: Lenouvelliste (French)
Levanjiltv: English translation

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