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Haiti: This is not an occupation force

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The official ceremony marking the 203rd anniversary of the death of Jean-Jacques Dessalines took place again this year Marchand-Dessalines. President René Préval took the opportunity to reaffirm its position on keeping foreign troops whose presence he believes is still needed on the national soil.

Barely out of the Church of St. Clare of Assisi Marchand-Dessalines, which was celebrated October 17, 2009 a Mass to mark the commemoration of the 203rd anniversary of the assassination of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the President René Préval has led the public square of the city, an area almost without appeal, to deliver his speech. Thousands of people stood under a blazing sun, waiting there for hours. As usual, they want to hear what their president has been conspicuous by its absence in the former capital of Haiti October 17, 2008 because of his participation at the XII Francophonie Summit in Quebec, has to say. He must wait because other people need to speak before him. Meanwhile, they brandished placards on which you can read the main claims of the authors (Nou demand sistem irigasyon ...).

Accompanied by a plethora of personalities including Prime Minister Michele D. Pierre Louis, the head of state takes place on the podium with a superb two-tone colors, installed in front of the statue of the emperor. After the words of Mayor Claude Emile Pierre and MP Jean Pressoir Dort, who instead praised the government for which they insistently demanded by audience applause, Mr. Preval is invited to contact the assistance .

MINUSTAH and the question of the army

René Préval, wearing a black suit, began his address by offering the public a dialogue with the father of his country on the country situation. "Emperor, soldiers of various armies of foreign countries are now in the country that you left with a single army ... "Repeats it like a prayer. "How foreign soldiers have they come to Haiti? What are they doing in the country? "Asks the president. He said the coup of the Army of Haiti is a cause of invasion of foreign forces in the country.

However, President Preval would it not support the return of the army? Anyway, he insists not for the presence of soldiers from the UN Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH), whose mandate was renewed for a year last October 15, two days before the commemorate the 203rd anniversary of the death of Dessalines, the former commanding general of Army Native father and architect of the independence of Haiti in 1804.

"As a responsible leader, I agree that MINUSTAH continues to help us until the National Police to ensure effective security of the population," said the head of state, a few minutes after have deposited on the public square, as at Pont-Rouge, a wreath of flowers at the statue of the emperor. Like a teacher who requires that the student remembers his lessons, Mr. Preval is careful to state that "MINUSTAH is not an occupation force, but a UN mission." In short, Mr. Préval, who advocates dialogue among others, unity and solidarity in his speech, called irresponsible citizens favor the immediate withdrawal of troops from the UN mission.

Preval criticized for his speech

Seemingly stunned, Senator Artibonite, Youri Latortue, also present in Marchand-Dessalines, said that the speech of René Préval is contradictory. "He praised MINUSTAH as he had hoped the withdrawal of UN troops before the end of its mandate", said the parliamentarian, who maintains his argument in favor of the new Public Security Force. Like other political party leaders, he denounced the fact that a withdrawal plan MINUSTAH is not comprehensive yet.

Himmler Rebu GREH of him, calls the president a liar. "President Préval knows that he is lying. It determines the departure of MINUSTAH to strengthen the capacity of the national police to ensure security of the State, when he knows that this is not the role of the police institution, the former reacts Colonel on the airwaves Monday Magik 9. Professor Christian Rousseau and Mr. Hannibal Coffy, speaking on Vision 2000, severely criticized, too, different aspects of the speech of the Head of State.

In any case, the native Marmalade calls on all sectors, particularly the political parties to work together so that there is, he says, a real political stability in the country. "There must have political stability so that the roads are constructed so that the fertilizer is available at a lower price for the foreign army to leave the country ... "Mr. Préval conditions. Before going to St. Michel, where he assessed the construction of 40 km of road from this county to Marchand-Dessalines, Mr. Preval took the opportunity to take a walk in the city where work Dessalines d 'infrastructure is underway.

The message from the pastor

"If you commemorate the 203rd anniversary of the death of the Emperor without achieving all the objectives he had mentioned, you do nothing serious," says unequivocally the pastor of the parish dating back nearly a century half by the Reverend Father Marc Eddy Dessalines, speaking to leaders in his homily.

"We have political and economic problems, but morality is one of our biggest problems, denounced the priest. What belongs to a community is monopolized by a small group. "This situation, says he, gives rise to much frustration. On the other hand, Father Marc Eddy Dessalines was pleased that the restoration of several forts and old houses are underway in this historic city, according to many, deserves attention from officials.

Source: Lenouvelliste
Translation: Levanjiltv

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