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Haiti School Collapsed, one year after

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Haiti: Nerette, one year after
12 months have passed since the collapse of the Evangelical College Promise, November 7, 2008. Pain, frustration, discontent, duty to remember ... mingle with questions from citizens, experts in management of emergencies in safety: what lessons have we learned? Back on the site ...

Motorcycle-taxis shuttle between the Pan American Avenue and St. Narcisse, to Nérette. A man, naked torso, a pair of right hand fixed on a power pole yet ironed counters taking illegal. Supervisor of the corner of the eye porridge, a woman, plump, greasy hands, installed in his shop, which is a packet of spaghetti a young girl with pretty red hair. The sun is shining brightly, a radio installed in a casing of a refrigerator vomits notes of "obsessed" by Harmonick.

The temperature rises. Slowly. An ordinary morning, with no history in this shantytown on the topography, the heart of Petion City, Friday, November 6, 2009, hours before the first anniversary of the collapse of the "Evangelical College Promise" causing the death of At least 97 people including a majority of students, children, adolescents. Hundreds of weeping relatives, firefighters, policemen, doctors, rescue workers, officials, journalists .... are gone. The pick-up and peacekeepers carrying children in applesauce instead.

However, the site cleaned, he recently transformed into a garbage dump, where a small memorial is being built on the initiative "ASSOVINERETTE, Anant Nelson remembers his son, Phanes Montinard, who taught Haitian literature in school . This morning when she pondered her anguish, desperately clinging to the hope of seeing his son get out alive from the rubble, while medics were extracting the body of a young girl of about sixteen, the left lower jaw broken, the leather hair and stripped much of the brain in the air. The cries of pain.

Guerdy B. Remy, 45, near Nelson Ananta, both living in houses located at the bottom of a corridor which leads one back to the site, even remember what it was that morning. "I was preparing a reading for my congregation when I heard the noise. Since I have not seen my son alive, Guerlensky Remy, 12. "Gaze fixing a wall, Guerdy B. Remy tells how her 17 year old girl, traumatized, struggle to resume normal schooling after the tragic loss of his little brother.

A bit disoriented, Ms. Remy is concerned about the attitude of his niece, Joanne Vanessa Jean-Jacques, which trivializes the danger now. Joanne, the innocent face, arms full of scars, scratches, said, his voice trembling: "I was under the debris when I felt someone's foot. I accepted. Then I was left there with broken ribs. I often think about my friends in this class graduate who died, that I never see him again, 'says she in the eyes of his aunt rise against both its neighbors that have transformed the dump site and the 'State of Haiti because of his carelessness, the management of this dismal record.

If this fervent Protestant rebels against the state, Roody Jacques, coordinator of "ASSOVINERETTE" asks, target. How Pastor Augustin Fortin, Director of College Promise Gospel, he recovered his freedom less than a month after the tragedy? Who paid? Why? What action the prosecutor of Port-au-Prince he gave the order of the judge Maguy Florestal? Has he asked angrily trying to close the pastor to sabotage the construction of the memorial where a wreath to be made in memory of the victims after a requiem mass, Saturday, November 7, 2009, at the Church of St. Therese. While parents grumble gathered on the site to ascertain the route of the march organized by the association, some wonder. A year later, what lessons have been learned from this tragedy?

The management of emergencies

"Nérette in 2008, had caught everyone by surprise. We improvised. A year later, the SPEs are the same and there was no reinforcement of the emergency services in hospitals would do a structural way, concedes Dr. Philippe Desmangles, director of national emergency stresses the need to plan. Each hospital should have a "white plan", its emergency room, trained staff, its own structure to accommodate an influx of victims, although in all countries the emergency room is budgétivore.A this level, argues it requires reflection on the health and political will to make these investments. "

According to the doctor at the national level, we must make operational the "red plan" with the definition of tasks of each entity. In this plan, firefighters play an important role. They take care of the land, picking victims, the wounded and bring them into condition before forwarding them to the structures of the public to receive health care, says he recognizes that firefighters, despite obtaining Recently some extrication equipment, are under-equipped, few to handle a situation similar to Nerette when the country had to call in firefighters foreigners.

Security, not know!

Joining Dr. Philippe Desmangles in his plea to equip firefighters means, Reginald Delva, a specialist in public safety, admits being on the sidelines, while a year later, no official report explains the causes of the collapse of the "College Promise Evangéligique. "It shows that nothing has been done in terms of safety of schools from" enchaine former cadet Wespoint arguing that it is not just the state. Safety of a school also depends on its leaders. They must verify the number of doors, windows, availability of fire extinguishers. This is important, vital, says he.

Shortly after the tragedy, the Ministry of Education announced inspection of all schools on the national territory. Those who do not meet safety standards will be closed, "he said. The Maries Metropolitan Port-au-Prince had, too, followed suit by announcing the inspection of schools, public instruments and other buildings that pose a threat to public safety. How successful? What result? Meager said Guerdy B. Remy for which the authorities in Haiti are unmitigated liars.

Meanwhile, a year later, it becomes clear that lessons have been learned, this mother, as a punishment, daily, contemplate with horror the place where his son died, a prisoner of rubble ...

Roberson Alphonse

Source: Lenouvelliste (French)
Levanjiltv: (English Translation)

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